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As we await the reveal of the next episode, #1071, the passionate One Piece community is on tenterhooks, especially after the unbearable suspense left by the latest cliffhanger. The good news is that the wait won’t be as long as for episode 1070, a pleasing detail given the growing anticipation around this episode, #1071. It could indeed contain an event that loyal readers of the manga have been hoping to see for some time. Beyond this particular excitement, the series’ current plot is already captivating enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats until the new episode airs. Perhaps you’ll be able to discover One Piece Episode 1071 English Subbed very soon.

One Piece Episode 1070 Summary

In a surprising twist, Guernica manipulates Kaido into an undeserved victory over Luffy, angering the Yonko. Kaido reacts by severely punishing the CP0 agent, before giving in to his dragon transformation and declaring victory. Faced with the combined forces of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, he demands their surrender.

Despite the disconcerting news, the members of the alliance persist in their battle, even though the odds are now clearly against them. The episode reaches its climax in the final moments, when the huge elephant Zunesha informs Momonosuke that they have once again heard the Drums of Liberation, signaling Joy Boy’s return.

This exciting development synchronizes with a shocking yet electrifying transformation that Luffy undergoes at the episode’s conclusion. An action-packed episode that sets the stage for more adventures.

One Piece Episode 1071: Luffy unveils Gear 5 (Five)

Episode 1071 of One Piece promises to shake up the anime world with the introduction of a totally new form of combat for Luffy, known as Gear Fifth. This exciting revelation stems from Luffy’s mysterious transformation in the previous episode (#1070), foreshadowing a renewed confrontation with Kaido. The episode-specific trailers gave a fascinating glimpse of Luffy’s Gear Fifth animated form, sporting sparkling white hair and vivid red eyes.

These captivating images show Luffy launching an attack that seems to affect Kaido, suggesting that their duel will continue on more even ground. Episode 1071 is not limited to this major revelation. Indeed, it will also introduce new closing credits by the band Chilli Beans, marking the first time an ending theme has been used in One Piece for 17 years. While this may reduce the episode’s runtime slightly, it could potentially free up more budget for Gear 5 animation, a trade-off that could prove beneficial.

If episode 1071 lives up to fans’ growing expectations, it could establish itself as one of the best One Piece episodes to date, enriching both the narrative and visual realization of this beloved series.

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