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The upcoming episode 1074 of One Piece in English-subtitled original version (ENG) is set to unveil some extraordinary moments, focusing especially on Luffy. Here’s a glimpse at the release dates and exclusive spoilers.

The One Piece series currently keeps us on the edge of our seats with its sequence dedicated to Gear 5, as the battle between Luffy and Kaido escalates in intensity with each new episode.

This showdown is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic ever featured in the anime. Luffy’s astonishing transformation into Gear 5 has invigorated fans, who are eagerly awaiting his triumph over the villain.

The Wano Country Arc has not failed to stir our emotions, revealing the barbaric nature of Kaido and Orichi. However, aware that the story was taking an increasingly dark turn, Oda opted for a humorous treatment of Gear 5.

He thus wished to pay a vibrant tribute to classic animations, in the vein of Tom & Jerry. The impact has been astounding, especially given the unprecedented excitement around Gear 5.

As for the future episode 1074 in ENG of One Piece, it promises to be rich in emotions and surprises. Let’s take a closer look at what lies ahead in terms of release and never-before-seen revelations for episode 1074 of One Piece.

Release Date and Time for Episode 1074 of One Piece

Episode 1074 of One Piece will air on September 3rd at 2:30 AM.

Spoilers for Episode 1074 of One Piece

The episode, titled “Faith in Momonosuke: Luffy’s Decisive Strike!”, will spotlight the character of Momonosuke in a dramatic context. Onigashima is on the verge of collapse, putting thousands of lives at risk, and Momonosuke is at the center of this crisis, desperately trying to keep the island afloat. Haunted by his mother’s parting words urging him to restore the glory of the Kozuki Clan, Momo finds himself at a crossroads.

The audience is transported to a moving sequence where Oden’s palace is consumed by fire. Just before Toki uses her Devil Fruit power to send Momonosuke and his companions into the future, the young warrior makes a crucial decision, encouraged by some inspiring words from Kin’emon. Meanwhile, after being affected by an attack from Kaido, Luffy miraculously gets back up.

Kaido underestimates the power of Devil Fruits, citing Roger who solely relied on his Haki. Nevertheless, Luffy seizes this moment to send a decisive message to Momo, announcing his intent to put an end to the situation. Yamato quickly perceives that Luffy plans to launch an attack that will pierce through Onigashima itself.

Preparing what could be his most destructive attack to date, Luffy places all his trust in Momonosuke.

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